Meet Siobhan Lydon!!!





How long have you been at Salt Shack and what was it that got you in here?

Sept 27 2016 I walked into the Shack after my “moms gym” abruptly closed. I was so sad and nervous about a new gym and new childcare for my 7 month old twins and 2 year old. My husband had wanted me to try Crossfit for a while and our friend Christy loved the shack. I had no idea what a positive impact that single day would have on my life and my family. I’ve been obsessed ever since. 

Tell us what your favorite workout is that we’ve done here.

Every workout is my favorite once I finish it!! Especially if it does not contain Thrusters. I do like a longer workout with a lot of different skills involved to keep my mind off what I’m doing. 

What is your favorite Holiday?

I love a good low-stress party holiday like Memorial Day, 4th of July, or St Patrick’s Day. Although there is something really special about Christmas morning since having kids! 

What’s your favorite healthy recipe? How about your favorite cheat meal?


I love ground turkey with Trader Joe’s Cowboy Caviar (thank you Carrots n Cake) but I’m also an instantpot shredded chicken machine lately.
My favorite cheat meal is usually anytime we go out to eat and it involves wine and appetizers or anything fried with cheese and bread.

In order of dislike:  Run / Row / Assault Bike / Ian’s classic rock Mondays? 

This is hard because I have a love/hate relationship with each one. But if I have to: 
1. Assault Bike
2. Row
3. Run
4. Who could dislike seeing Ian at 5am on a Monday morning giddy over his classic rock?? No better way to start the week 😉



















Meet Robert Clements!!!


How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you to try?

A little over a year. My GF wanted to try it and I was bored at the gym. I honestly didn’t think I would like it. I’d been a gym rat for a long time and thought it looked stupid. But I was wrong and got hooked.



Tell us a little about what you do outside of the gym.

I love to spend time with my two boys and friends. Boating and Jet-skiing in the summer, some traveling in the winter. I’m spontaneous so if it’s fun I’ll be there. I also fundraise for the Special Olympics and find it rewarding. It’s a great cause.



Tell us what your favorite benchmark workout is.

Cindy fits my style.


What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

It’s made me healthier and stronger overall and gained me some great friends.



What would you tell someone who thinks they need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

I would say do it, it will work for you. The coaching and motivation of the community will push you to new heights.


What are some short term and long term goals of yours?

I just want to continue to get stronger and keep enjoying the progress. I have some lifts and movements I’d like to improve but overall I’m satisfied.





Meet Cameron White!!!

SS Team CF -41


Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself outside of the gym?

A: Outside of the gym I like walking my dogs and I usually do some squats or sit ups at home.

Q: How long have you been crossfitting and what go you to try?

A: I have been crossfitting for 6 months now and I started because I needed to do more exercise and get into better shape.

Q: Have you developed any new friendships at Salt Shack?

A: Yes, I have developed some new friendships at the shack and I have met an awesome group of teens who are full of support and kindness.

Q: What influence has CrossFit had on your life?

A: My life style out side of CrossFit has definitely changed.  I am eating healthier and have more energy than I did before joining CrossFit.

Q: What would you tell someone who is afraid to try CrossFit?

A: Do not be afraid.  The trainer will guide you through everything.  Put the effort in and you’ll see it’s not scary at all.

Q: OK, tell us a workout you would make your coaches do!


3 Rounds

30 Burpee Box Jumps

50 Cal Row

65 Wall Balls

SS Team CF -49

Meet Evan Hagan!!!



 How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

I’ve been Crossfitting for 6 months now. I was sort of bouncing from gym to gym looking to up my fitness motivation. Nothing really kept my interest except the team sports I play. My wife stopped in after having our second baby because she wanted to jump start our fitness and she signed us up.

Tell us what your favorite benchmark workout is.

I enjoy anything with barbell lifts.  So far DT has been one of my favorites.

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

I’m more focused on my overall health. My wife and I have a common hobby and it’s given me something to work for and look forward to. So much so, I’m able to get up without much hesitation to be with the 5:15AM crew.

Tell us a little about what you do outside of the gym.

I work “a lot.” When I’m not working I try to spend as much time as I can with my two daughters, and, my smoking hot crossfitting wife. Where I can, I sneak in a few rounds of golf.


What would you tell someone who thinks they need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

Crossfit is for a levels of fitness no matter where you’re at. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes crossfit great.

What is 1 short term (next month) and 1 long term (6mo – 1yr) goal of yours?

My short term goal is to get bar muscle ups and more efficient at toes to bar.

My new longterm goal is feel ready to compete.


Meet Kristen Ahlstedt!!!



How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

I first gave CrossFit a try about 8 months ago when a close friend , and avid Crossfitter, Emily recommended that I change up my workouts to achieve the results I was looking for. I was seeking for something different, and was looking to shred weight and tone up. At first I was skeptical about the CrossFit world but soon after starting I fell in love. Being an athlete all my life I loved the atmosphere CrossFit created for it’s members; specifically at the Salt Shack. After just one month of joining I was able to experience my first “open” and seeing everyone come together to achieve their best times, weights, and number of rounds was rejuvenating.



Tell us what your favorite benchmark workout is.

I would have to say Annie is one of my favorite benchmark workouts. Once I got my double-unders Annie was a great practice to see how many I could string together and is constantly helping me to perfect them. The sit-ups are just a bonus considering everyone wants that set of six-pack abs. This workout looks simple to the naked eye but once in the heat of the moment it’s not so easy to catch a breathe until finished!


What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

CrossFit has had a substantial influence on my life outside of the gym. After getting in my 830/9 o’clock WOD I feel better than ever and ready to start my day. Walking out of the gym after a workout is never easy; I always want to stay and do more. CrossFit has allowed me to create amazing relationships with people I never would have met if it weren’t for CrossFit. Becoming a nurse was never easy and had its fair amount of stress; being able to turn to my workouts for relief was huge for me. I consistently leave our box each day with a smile on my face. Mentally and physically CrossFit has done me wonders.



 Tell us a little about what you do outside of the gym.

Outside the gym I work full-time bartending and am going to school to further my degree. Being a recent nursing school graduate I have had my work cut out for me. I try to stay active as much as I possibly can being the mother of my beautiful 16 month old chocolate lab, Piper and newest addition to the family, 11 week old english bulldog, Quinnleigh. The two are also constantly on the go!

What would you tell someone who thinks they need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

Multiple people that I have talked to have used the excuse that they need to get in shape or lose weight before joining CrossFit. I simply tell them “that’s bullshit,” excuse my language. You do not need to be in shape to do CrossFit. When I first started I thought I was already in good shape but to my surprise my butt was still kicked each and everyday and quite frankly still is! CrossFit works muscles that most never knew they had. Normal everyday workouts don’t compare to CrossFit workouts, in my opinion. No matter your body shape, size, or weight, everyone starts CrossFit with different strengths and weakness’. CrossFit is a workout program made to benefit each and every individual, that is what variations are for. Never is everyone in the room doing the same exact workout and that is what makes CrossFit so unique. The atmosphere inside the box is unlike any other gym you’ve ever been to. Everyone is constantly cheering one another on and motivating each member to give it their all up until the very last second and/or rep. 



What is 1 short term and 1 long term goal of yours?

One short term goal I have as of right now is to compete in a competition whether it be scaled or RX. I have always been competitive so I think it would be fun to be involved in a competition with other fellow crossfitters. As for my long term goal, I would have to say it’s to try and land that muscle up. Progressions, open gym, and a few extra minutes after class are key to getting close that new PR of a muscle up. I am going to do everything it takes to achieve just one by the end of 2016!



Meet Samantha Wilber !!!!




Give us a brief snapshot of your life outside of the gym.

Outside the gym I work full-time in marketing and have the pleasure of being a mom to my beautiful 3-year- old daughter Evalynn.
sammy and ev

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

I started CrossFit on a whim about 7 months ago when my coworker Kim suggested I give it a try. I was instantly hooked after participating in the CrossFit Open and killing it only a month into training. The gym used to be something I avoided as I never seemed to have enough ambition to want to go. With CrossFit I never feel that way, the workouts are constantly changing keeping me engaged and wanting to go back for more.

What has surprised you most so far?

4 minutes of air squats to Bring Sally Up can make you sore for days.

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

Coming into the gym my goal was to improve my overall physical health. I have made significant improvements and have reached many aspects of my ongoing goal both physically and mentally. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever and can attribute much of that to CrossFit.

Your favorite workout is…

A few of my favorite movements are:
Power Snatches
Wall Balls
Rope Climbs
If there is a WOD incorporating all of those, it would be my favorite.
sammy ohs

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

Since Joining CrossFit I have experienced more energy overall in my daily life. In addition to being more physically fit, my mental health has also been improved and I feel more confident. I even built up enough courage to sign up for the Tough Mudder on August 13th.

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

Coming into CrossFit I was intimidated by all the men and women who have been doing this for years. As soon as I stepped in the door that nervousness went away, the culture in CrossFit is so welcoming. I wasn’t embarrassed using an empty bar but felt empowered by the members who were encouraging me from the start. My advice is don’t be intimidated, pick up the lightest kettlebell or PVC Pipe because as soon as you get the right foundation it won’t take long to build up the strength. CrossFit has the most uplifting environment I have experienced in a gym atmosphere.

Meet Josh Grondell!!!

josh split jerk

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

I started in July 2012. My friend Bobby Sullivan spent a few months working in New Jersey, he tried it out, and when he came home he told me that I should try it because I would love it…. and I do.

What has surprised you most so far?

No matter how good you think you have become, you can always be better.

josh family

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

My goals coming in were to try something different, and get in better shape. I felt I had plateaued with my previous gym routine and wanted to see results. I feel like I am on my way to accomplishing that goal, but I can always get better.

josh deadlift


Your favorite workout is…




Snatches (135#)

josh comp

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

I have made a lot of new friends, with similar goals and interests in life.

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

I have tried just about every type of “working out” that there is and CrossFit is the best by far.  If you stay disciplined and stick to the programming you will see the results.  No matter what skill level you are, CrossFit can be modified to improve anyone’s level of fitness.



Meet Geoff Kramer!!!

Geoff big back squat

Give us a brief snapshot of your life outside of the gym.

It’s hard to explain my life outside the gym because I live to work out and get shredded. But if you must know, I live in Duxbury with my wife Kathleen, 5-month old son Griff, and dog Hank. Love all things sports, outdoor activities, beach, and cooking.
Geoff with Griff

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

Been CrossFitting for about 4 years at a few different gyms. Kathleen first heard of CF from a friend and suggested it to me. I was struggling to push myself when working out at the gym by myself, and she thought the competitive group workouts at CF would help. She was right.
Geoff and Kathleen run

What has surprised you most so far?

The most surprising thing about CF is how badly a mere 7-minute workout can kick your ass.

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

My goals were to stay active, get healthy, and lose weight, especially being out of school and no longer having a regimented workout schedule from sports. CF has definitely helped me maintain a level of activity and fitness that I could not have done without it. I have not lost much weight (at least permanently), but that has less to do with CF and more to do with my long standing love affair with food and drink.

Your favorite workout is…

Anything that makes me sweat so much that I need to take my shirt off.

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

Kathleen and I started CrossFitting together about a year and a half ago and it has become an awesome activity that we look forward to doing together. The best part about Salt Shack, though, is the great community of people that have become friends outside of the gym.
Geoff and Kathleen at game

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

If you’re looking for a way to push yourself, CrossFit is for you. Any CrossFit worth its SALT will not make you feel self-conscious or pressure you into doing something beyond your capabilities, but will create an environment where you feel supported and encouraged to push yourself farther than you thought possible.


Meet Justin Wolf!!!




Give us a brief snapshot of your life outside of the gym.

I go to school and then right after I go to the gym

How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

I started CrossFit in December 2015. I joined to try something new.

What has surprised you most so far?

The thing that has surprised me the most so far is how quickly my endurance has improved. I am able to handle the intensity of the workouts a lot better than before.



What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

My main goals coming in were to put on more muscle mass and lose some weight at the same time and I am still in the process of meeting these goals.

Your favorite workout is…

Fran because there are a lot of pull-ups involved in it and that is where I am weakest, making it the most challenging workout for me.

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

CrossFit has made me stronger and more fit.

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

Just try it. You’re going to have to put in hard work, but in the end it’s going to pay off and you will like the results that you see with yourself.


Meet Deane Moore!!!


Give us a brief snapshot of your life outside of the gym…

I have been a Chiropractor for the past 20 years. I practice with my wife, Terri, at Moore Family
Chiropractic in Hanover. We home school two amazing kids, Susanne (12) and Wyatt (10), who keep us busy with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, 4-H, soccer, and swimming.  Occasionally I play my drums and on a rare occasion I find a wave to surf.
Deane Family


How long have you been Cross Fitting and what got you to try?

I officially started cross fitting here at the Salt Shack about 8 months ago and it’s been AWESOME! I have known and read about CrossFit for the past 7 years but I felt that a previous hip injury would make it difficult to participate fully. Eventually, a patient of mine told me about Salt Shack and mentioned that the coaches were incredible and would most likely be able to work around my concerns. So after talking to Chad and Ian, I felt confident enough to give it a try.

 What has surprised you most so far?

First thing is that my hip is getting better!  I did not expect that.  Sure I have days that it’s a little grumpy but it’s much better and the coaches are great in evaluating the situation and modifying the activity if needed.
Also the community and comaraderie of the members and coaches is outstanding. I usually workout at 5:15am and at that hour, we all need a little push or encouragement.  That crew never disappoints. The same holds true for any other time of day that I have worked out.  The people here want to see you succeed.
Deane and crossfit fam

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

For three years prior to joining cross fit, I had been training very heavily on the endurance sports, like triathalons. I started getting little injuries and I felt like I needed to increase my strength and overall fitness.  Currently, triathlon season has yet to start and I am planning on blending the two training styles. I do feel that I am in better overall condition than when I started.

Your favorite workout is…

Anything with running mixed into it.. :)
deane triatholon

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life

outside the gym?

This year I will reach the half a century mark.  CrossFit has helped give me both the physical and emotional strength to realize that my age doesn’t have to define my life. Also, keeping up with the kids is a little easier. Ha ha!

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit

is for them…

The biggest misconception I hear is that people are afraid that they are going to get hurt doing Cross fit.  In my line of work, I see a lot of people who are injured doing many different things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contact sport, Zumba class, or gardening; people are injured doing all sorts of activities. I feel anyone can do Cross fit because all the workouts can be modified for their own particular fitness level or condition.  This is one thing that makes the Salt Shack stand out.  The coaches are exceptional at finding your current fitness level, training you at that level & then making sure you progress at a pace that is most comfortable for you.  Salt Shack Cross fit is for anyone who is serious in their goals to get in better shape, loose weight, become stronger, move better, and become healthier.



Meet Meghan Scanlon!!!



Give us a brief snapshot of Meghan’s life outside of the gym…

I am a very busy working mom of a sporty and kind boy and a strong and sassy girl who are 9 and almost 7 respectively, both now CrossFit Kids at the Shack.  I have been married for 13 1/2 years to a really great guy who is super supportive, a kick ass chef and an awesome dad.  My job in medical devices takes me all over the world, pretty frequently, so exercise is a critical part of stress relief for me.  I have a very strong affinity for exceptional food and great wine.  I try to enjoy those often with friends and family.



How long have you been CrossFitting and what got you to try?

My first WOD ever was 7 months ago at the Shack on July 4th 2015.  I haven’t stopped or looked back since!  Coach Ian and I worked together at Johnson & Johnson (he was my boss) and he had been trying to convince me to try CrossFit for about 2 years.  I thought he was nuts and kept telling him it wasn’t for me.  But when he opened his own Box I figured I should do the guy a favor and try it out.  That’s makes me laugh now… as the Salt Shack has changed my life and my body so much that I now know that he was the one clearly doing the favor for me.

What surprised you most after your first real week?

A. Its freakin hard!!!  But an awesome hard, and it didn’t kill me; however, walking was occasionally pretty painful:)  Every night I would look at tomorrow’s WOD in sheer terror and commence my night of mental preparation and anxiety for the 5:15 am class.  And when I actually got thru the WOD, I felt this incredibly exhausted yet euphoric sense of accomplishment.  It’s addictive.
B.  The people are UNREAL!  People of all ages, professions, walks of life, they were all so different… but to a person, they surrounded you with encouragement, support and lots and lots of cheers.  Even at 5:15 am… especially at 5:15am.  Those are a special crew of people.  I called my first couple of months my “baby giraffe” stage.. always awkward and stumbling about, always last to finish a RFT workout.  It was humbling and so encouraging to have a group of people there to cheer you on… waiting to finish their last 20 sit ups so they could do them with you, going with you on your last 400m run after they had long finished their WOD 3 minutes ago and one by one (as I laid on the floor gasping in exhaustion) come up and high five or fist bump me with words of encouragement.
C.  There is just no end to the jokes and innuendo you can make using CrossFit terminology.  WOD, Snatch, Thruster, Box.  I occasionally feel like an immature child… okay, maybe not occasionally… pretty frequently.

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

My first specific goal was to climb the rope at the Spartan Sprint at Fenway park.  I was terrified!  But when I got up there after watching scores of other people miss, I felt like I could rule the world in that moment.  It was one of the cooler senses of accomplishment I have had.
I also wanted to get strong, and be able to do a pull-up for the first time in my life.  I was always pretty fit growing up, but could never do a pull up.  And 5 1/2 months into joining the Salt Shack, on my birthday I did my very first pull up.  Marc, Kate and Dave witnessed my victory dance and loud celebration.
Lastly, I wanted to slim down a bit.  Since I had my kids, I had wanted to get back to the shape I was in before becoming a mom.  I had been making some decent progress, but still had work to do.  Since joining the Shack, I do a WOD about 4 times a week, and all that hard work has encouraged me to eat smarter.  The combination of those two things has resulted in dropping down two pant sizes and having arms I am finally happy to show.
Now… my next goal is that its time to land those double unders!!!  I love that there is no end to the goals you can set… and you NEVER reach the top.

Your favorite workout is…

Elizabeth.  A friend of mine called it “spicy”, I thought that was a pretty accurate an awesome descriptor.  I still cant do ring dips yet, but I love squat cleans!

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

My energy has gone thru the roof.  The confidence you gain mentally and physically is notable.  If I can get thru a workout that requires 50 burpees amongst a zillion other brutal moves, there’s not much else I cant handle.
I have made some great new friends!

 Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

 Anyone can do CrossFit!  Yes… YOU can.  You don’t have to worry about getting too muscular! You wont die.  Jump in.  Be humble.  Don’t try and master it all at once.  Focus on technique for the first 3 months.  It matters a ton and the coaches rock, they will teach you if you listen.

It can take a long time to get certain moves, but with each accomplishment you feel so incredible and empowered.  The quote I heard recently which I loved and I think sums it up… “Don’t compare your self to the others around you, compare yourself to you yesterday”
We have some kick ass twenty-somethings at The Shack, actually we have some kick ass thirty, forty and fifty-something’s there too.  You will watch them workout in awe, and by comparison feel pretty inept at times.  But they started somewhere too… and you may never get as good as a they are, or you might… but one thing I promise you, you’ll get a WHOLE lot better than where you are today!

Your chance to make a workout for the Coaches. 3-2-1-Go.


I adore you guys.  You’ve changed my life in ways you cannot imagine, and for which I will be forever grateful.  You’ve pushed me, supported me, taught me, kicked my ass when needed and stretched out a hand when I needed it.   Few have been able to laugh at and with me the way you guys do.  Now… enough of that sweet and fluffy stuff.  Get to work!
5 RFT (all of which I suck at and or hate)
20 Burpees
15 Thrusters (115#)
10 HSPU’s
5 Muscle Ups
1 tap dance on Ian’s fancy lifting platform

Meet Julie O’Dette!!!

Give us a brief snapshot of Julie O’s life outside of the gym…

I have worked full time at MFS Investment Management for the past 16 years.  I am the youngest in my family.  I have three older sisters and no brothers.  I am a mother of two girls, 7 and 3.  Spring and Summer are my two favorite times of year.  I love the beach and spending time with my family.

How long have you been CrossFitting and how often?

I started CrossFit one week after I ran the Falmouth Road Race (September 2013) thinking because I had just run Falmouth I was in fairly good shape.  HA HA HA!  I started out 2 days week, after a month I went to 3 days a week, after two months.. I go every day I can (which is about 4-5 days a week).

What got you to look into CrossFit and decide to try it out?

I started working from home 3 days a week so my in Boston workout routine wasn’t working anymore.  I consulted one of my favorite yoga instructors (which is what I did avidly at the time) on what I should try to do because I couldn’t find a yoga studio I liked on the south shore.  She told me to just go do CrossFit.  The rest is history.

What surprised you most after your first real week?

Lots surprised me… but here are a few:  I can do “this”, even though I had no clue what I was doing LOL.  I couldn’t squat below parallel even though I thought I was.

What were your goals coming in, and have you met them?

This is an interesting question because my goals and my drive to go to CrossFit has changed dramatically over the past two years.  I’ve always had workout goals.  Just to workout a certain number of days per week was a goal.  I’ve definitely achieved that.  When I started, I wanted to be in better shape.  Am I?  Yes.  Have I reached all my goals, no, but I’m okay with that… 🙂 Each time I hit a new PB whether it be a lift, a WOD, I end up setting new goals all over again.

Your favorite workout is…

Bear Complex

What influence has doing CrossFit had on your life outside the gym?

I love that I know my strength. I don’t have to guess or wonder. Last year when I watched two guys load a Christmas tree on my car that estimated about 125 pounds.. I thought.. Hey, I can power clean that!  More practically… little things like picking up boxes of books or carrying my kids down the stairs.. I know I can, I know I do it safely. I love that I know what I can and what I cannot do. I am also not afraid to try anything. I am used to the nervous feeling I get right before a work out and I use that, channel that when I’m nervous about large presentations at work. Knowing how to manage that feeling has huge benefits outside the “workout” world.

Tell us your proudest moment thus far on your CrossFit journey…

Finishing in the top 50% of the scaled women’s at Southie.  It was definitely challenging for me physically, but it was far more important to do something I believed in, to show my daughters that you do what you love no matter your age.  To make time for yourself to do things that make you a better person, is so important.  I’m also proud of the friendships I have made.  This has been an added bonus and very unexpected.  I have worked out most of my adult life and I have never felt more a part of something.  It is a big reason why I keep coming back each day and people notice and call on you if you aren’t at your usual class.  This community/tribe cares about each other. I’m very proud of that.

Your advice to anyone new, unsure or curious if CrossFit is for them…

If you don’t try, you’ll never know, so just show up. The rest is easy. 😉

Your chance to make a workout for the Coaches. 3-2-1-Go.

That’s a tough one… probably a chipper against each other! or the 60 Burpees for time with the 6 KB swings EMOM. 🙂