Salt Shack CrossFit offers a dedicated Olympic Weightlifting Program to our members as well as non members.  Our classes are structured for all levels and skill sets.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, an intermediate lifter or a beginner, this class is for you.  This program is available to both members and non members.


Structured for all levels and skill sets

What to Expect

The goal of the dedicated sessions will be to maximize your 1 rep max in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Coach Ian Lawson will draw on 7 years as a competitive Olympic Lifter to teach all of the essential progressions to improve your skills in both classical lifts.  Our teaching will incorporate the best of North American and Russian methodologies to ensure our athletes have a solid understanding of not only how to move, but most importantly why we must achieve appropriate positions to succeed.  We will focus on correct positioning, movement, motor recruitment, and muscle sequencing in order to enhance your skills in the sport of Olympic Lifting.

 If your goal is to maximize your 1 rep max or improve your movements to integrate into a CrossFit WOD, our dedicated Olympic Lifting Class will cover the essentials.

Come and join us! Let us help contribute to your success!!!


Coach Ian Lawson recently spent 2 days at the Again Faster World Head Quarters with Dmitry Klokov, World Champion, World Record Holder, Olympic Silver Medalist, discussing Russian training philosophy and methodologies.

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