Shack Youth Program

Our youth program at Salt Shack CrossFit in Hanover, MA is designed to meet the physical needs of children.  We teach them how run, jump, row, and move properly.  Our goal is to improve your child’s level of fitness, increase self-confidence, and build solid foundations that they will use in the years ahead of them.  In the class environment, your children will learn how to support and encourage one another.

Rates can be found here Kids Program Rates

The Workouts are about Support and Competitive Fun


Our qualified coaches will ensure that your children are getting the attention they deserve.  We assign a sufficient number of coaches to each class and they have worked with children of all ages.

Different skills and workouts every class
Different skills and workouts every class

The Workout 

Our classes are an hour long from start to finish.  Included in the class is dedicated time for a proper warm up, stretch and cool down.  We teach the kids the importance of mobilization as it relates to injury prevention.  The workouts are all unique and flexible for any ability level.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch or drop your children off.

Whether your child loves gymnastics, skating, lacrosse, football, baseball or soccer, they will love training here for any sport!

Program Levels

Little Shacks (Ages 6-8): Our program is in a fun game format to keep the kids interested and focused.  We get kids familiar with all of the movements.  We will work on running, jumping, body weight movements, skill development, and some empty/light basic barbell movements.

Kids Shack (Ages 9-12): At this level, we take the movements learned and really start perfecting form.  As our coaches see children developing we will start to add light weights, involve dumbells, and add further skilled movements.

Shack Teens (Ages 13-17): The teens get further involved in movements as they now begin to transition to an intense athlete.  This program is perfect for children participating in a school athletic program looking to enhance their abilities or for those looking to get in shape.  Teens may also qualify for our regular adult classes.  See Our Rates Page for additional information and Contact Us to discuss discounted rates.  Get your team mates together and come train together!!!